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Things To Consider Before Applying For A Canna-Job


Ideally, it may sound like a the industry for you.. but is it really? The cannabis industry is ever-growing with thousands of different positions, responsibilities and more that have already been established, and some new ones that are popping up everyday. For herbalists who love marijuana (like us), you may be certain that this is the field that you need to be in. However, there are some things that you might not have considered about yourself that could hinder your chances at getting your dream job. If any of these things apply to you, your chances may be slim.


This may be obvious to some, but most states require that employees in the cannabis industry have and maintain clean records. This is extremely unfortunate for those who have been incarcerated for non-violent marijuana crimes, been released or had their case expunged. Each state functions with different views. For example, California will allow a felonious record if its 10 or more years old, Ohio allows certain felonies, but a state like Pennsylvania will not allow anything more than a summary offense.

The cannabis industry is still being held under a microscope. With the federal government still not recognizing marijuana as legal drug, it’s important that marijuana businesses stay under the radar and in compliance. So for that reason, the states that have legalized do as they feel necessary to make sure that all of the businesses and operations within the industry are run by responsible, trustworthy individuals.


Living in a state that hasn’t legalized yet? Looking to move somewhere that is more canna-friendly? Unfortunately, if you desire to change your location and are looking for security by having a canna-job in a new state before you actually move, your luck will be slim to none. Especially for entry level employees, most states require that their employment candidates are residents of that state. Those with legal cannabis experience may be sought after by employers but, just being honest: employers are looking to hire someone who is ready to work without distractions. Your moving situation is likely to be considered a distraction.

If you are determined to move and work in the cannabis industry, try relocating with a guaranteed job in your current field or something you have experience doing. After switching over your ID so that it reflects that you live in a new state, you can begin applying for cannabis jobs with a bigger chance at being offered a new position.


Outside of felonies, all marijuana employers conduct background screening. Furthermore, if you are looking into getting a grower’s license, you will most likely have more than one background check done on you. These screens are to check for things like your driving history, social media profiles, current and previous addresses and more. If you’re concerned about what might pop up on your background check, you can search yourself. Google it!