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High Paying Jobs In The Cannabis Industry

Love weed, and wanna get paid to work with/around it everyday? What once may have been a dream of yours can now actually come true! With cannabis becoming legal all over the country (33 states to be exact), the demand for employment in the marijuana industry has skyrocketed. I mean, how else do you think the massive amounts of flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, etc. are produced and distributed? There’s a position for everything! From growing, to trimming, packaging, sales, clerical, bookkeeping, cooking, testing… shall we go on?

There’s a niche for every herbalist, and each has a different pay scale. Let’s look at some of the high paying positions, and others that may not be directly associated with weed, but can definitely be affiliated.

Master Grower

There’s levels to everything, right? If you’re just starting out growing cannabis, you would be considered at the beginner level. However, with plenty of experience, land (and lets face it, money), you could become a Master Grower. Herbalists who are considered “Master Grower’s” are able to manage big grow operations and control planting, cloning, crop nutrition, pest management, grow-house technology and even staffing. Most people with this career have a background in botany or horticulture, but not all. A master grower is in constant contact with law enforcement and compliance inspectors, as they are under close watch to be sure they are being compliant with their states laws. A successful crop can lead to bonuses on top of an excellent salary. It takes a lot of investing and a long process of applying for/receiving permits however, the yearly salary of anywhere from $50K-120K seems to be well worth it for those who endorse the title of a Master Grower.

Master Extractor

Being a master grower is a lot of work. Being a Master Extractor is a that and then some. Master extractors are paid very well because they have a very rare combination of expertise. This job has a scientific knowledge base the requires skilled laboratory work, extracting THC, CBD and other cannabinoids that provide the therapeutic qualities consumers seek from cannabis plants. Many Master Extractor’s have their Ph.D.s. Techs use solvents such as CO2 and butane to consistently create high-quality, highly potent concentrates. Being a Master Extractor comes with a high risk of injury due to the chemicals being used, which is why the salary for someone in this profession can range from $80K-250K/year.

Cannabis Consultant

Being a consultant in any field could yield excellent pay, and cannabis is no exception. A Cannabis Consultant could be consider an expert to say the least. They are usually hired to help businesses find an acceptable location, obtain licenses, ensuring canna-business owners get the right insurance and advise ganjaprenuers how to stay in compliance with their state laws. They may also help business owners with bookkeeping and tax requirements. It is generally recommended for canna-business owners to have a Cannabis Consultant on their team to help avoid any mistakes that can easily be made in the process of building or running a cannabis business. Cannabis Consultants have expertise in many areas, including state and local cannabis regulations , which makes their work expensive, and their position highly paid at anywhere from $50K and up.

Trimmer, Harvester or Cultivator

Entry level trimming, harvesting and cultivating jobs all have similar requirements and are considered the most common ways to enter the cannabis industry. These positions require speed, precision, and a careful approach that minimizes waste. Those who enjoy gardening gardening or landscaping may have a fascination with these jobs, as these positions involve helping growers gather or take care of cannabis crops in a grow-house or on a marijuana farm and removing buds from the stems, trimming off the largest leaves on those buds so that they have good visual appeal. These jobs are very physical, but not as monetarily rewarding as the first few jobs we listed. Starting out at around $17K/year, these professions have the ability to reach upwards of $40K, and even more.

Marijuana Courier

Remember the days when you didn’t want to get caught driving or walking around with marijuana on you? Well, say goodbye to that fear and hello to a paycheck for delivering cannabis! That’s right, you can get paid to take cannabis from point A to B. Many states with a medical marijuana program have delivery services so that sick patients do not have to leave their house to get their medicine. (Also aids to the lazy stoner that The Higher Content™ does not endorse) To no surprise, the courier position is not the highest paying job. In fact, it may be a perfect part time gig for some extra cash and great tips. In addition to (or instead of) an hourly wage, some dispensaries pay their courier’s sales commissions. Generally, people in this position make around $19K-35K.


If you don’t consider yourself an herbalist but see the potential in the industry, it’s Ok! You don’t have to smoke or work directly with cannabis to affiliate yourself with the industry, and the money it brings in. There are many trades and career paths that find themselves connecting with marijuana businesses in ways that you wouldn’t think. But let’s take a second to think, and really take a look at some of the aspects of business that the cannabis industry is not exempt from.


HELLO! Every company that generates income would reap the benefits of an accountant. And no, there’s no special certification to become a “cannabis accountant.” Every accountant deals with money! Canna-businesses attract increased scrutiny from regulators and unique challenges to deal with when it comes to managing their cash, obtaining credit, handling taxes, and processing payments. Keeping accurate financial records is crucial, so the proficiency of an accountant is highly recommended. Accountants that work with ganjaprenuers have been said to have a yearly salary in the $42K-121K range.

Real Estate Agent

Picking a prime location is very important when it comes to choosing where a marijuana business will be. Marijuana businesses often have very particular requirements when it comes to the buildings and facilities they can operate in and it can be a real challenge to find pre-existing buildings that can accommodate everything. Now, there are real estate agents who specialize in providing service to ganjaprenuers, and they can be paid $22K-131K per year.


You must pay an electric bill when you own or lease a space - but who’s going to give you the source of electricity? Let’s face it, there aren’t too many ‘move-in ready’ locations for dispensaries. Any cannabis business that has their own indoor grow will most likely have to have an electrician come in to set up special lighting and electrical needs. Qualified electricians are in high demand in places where growers are setting up shop, which makes their salary range from $32K-90K.

Web Developer

Honestly, how does any business survive nowadays without any sort of web presence? There are some ganjaprenuers who handle all aspects of their business on their own, including their website and social media. And then there are others who relinquish that responsibility to a web developer. Talented web developers are important and necessary to help canna-businesses develop an image, online store and reputation through the internet. Their salaries can be as low as $35K, or reach upwards of $120K.

Security Guard

Marijuana is where the money is - at least that’s what a lot of people are coming to realize. So it would be smart for a ganjaprenuer to protect their investment with security guards. Cannabis is not federally legal, which means that marijuana businesses can not open federally insured bank account, which ultimately means that most canna-companies are cash operated. People with law enforcement training are in high demand for a position of this caliber. Security guards are expected to protect the business and can also be used as a screening before allowing people to enter a marijuana business. Jobs of this sort can pay up to $47K/year.



High Paying Jobs In The Cannabis Industry