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Creating A Resume Geared For A Cannabis Job


So you wanna work in the cannabis industry? It takes more than just being an herbalist or a street dealer. The ever-growing marijuana industry has been rapidly evolving, with new businesses and job positions being created daily. If you’re really dedicated to making a career out of something you are truly passionate about, it’s best to enter the field with a great first impression and a remarkable resume in hand. We’ll give you tips on how to draft up the perfect resume for a position in the cannabis field, and wish you luck on your next interview, too!

The most important thing to consider is that your resume should be tailored to the position you are applying for. So if you were planning on taking your resume that your high school home economics teacher helped you create, get rid of that idea! (the idea, not the resume!) Employers in the cannabis industry are looking for competency-based resume’s, which focus on skills and knowledge obtained through practical experience, rather than work history. In English, your cashier job at McDonald’s most likely won’t help you become a master grower but speaking of your home-based growing experiences will.

A basic summary of your skills and experiences should be the highlight of your resume. The marijuana industry is not brand new, but new enough for employers to consider that their perspective employees may not have an extensive work history in the field. During the hiring process, employers will be most attracted to candidates who can explain their knowledge effectively. Keep in mind that employers are interested in specific actions which can be applied to their future occupation. Going back to our example of applying to become a master grower, including your familiarity with regulating climatic fluctuations in a greenhouse environment would be an excellent capability to list.

Including your education is important to show on your resume as well. The marijuana job market is extremely competitive and college degrees of any kind will help you stand out. Be sure to analyze your education in order to highlight the skill sets that would best qualify you for the position. Including your knowledge of computers and social media is recommended, as they are assets necessary in almost any professional capacity.

Cannabis resume’s tend to stay away from listing job history, unless the candidate can list employment that is relative to the cannabis field. Your resume should be more focused on what you can do, rather than what you have done. However, including one or two prior positions is useful for showing your ability to work, longevity of employment and for references. Try to include recent work history that could relay occupational competency in the field you are applying.

Ok, we know you’re applying to work in the cannabis field, so using cannabis should just be assumed, right? Well, let it stay that way! Do NOT include in your resume that you use cannabis yourself. You may think that your experience using may help you, but a better way to help yourself would be to list your knowledge of anything cannabis related as a skill. You can even include cannabis specific seminars and workshops in your education. Any way to showcase your (extensive) knowledge of marijuana, without confessing personal use, is ideal for a cannabis resume.

Having a professional looking resume is key! Your resume should be well-organized and easy to read with bullet points that clearly describe your skills, education, professional and work history. Your objective should be clear and concise, as your interview should be as well. Do your best to fit all of the important information onto one page. Employers don’t enjoy having to read pages of information; they would rather talk to you instead about the things that jump off of the page to them. And be sure not to cram everything; take out the unnecessary information and keep the good stuff short and sweet, leaving room for you to thoroughly explain anything you may be asked to.

We scoured the internet and found a few examples of resume’s that could help you create yours! Take a look at the links below as a guideline to creating your perfect marijuana resume. If you are still having trouble creating your resume, we found the perfect herbalist to help you! JR Hindman offers services to help create your marijuana resume and LinkedIn profile. Click here to learn more about him and get in touch with him today!