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Wanna Be A BudTender?

No, no.. not a bartender. You read that right - a B-U-Dtender.

Welcome to 2019, where cannabis prohibition isn’t exactly non-existent, but neither are dispensaries. As of now, there are 33 states that legally sell medical marijuana and 10 that sell both medicinal and recreational. Each state governs itself when it comes to ganja and with marijuana businesses popping up and growing just about everywhere, we thought to ourselves, ‘how could someone take their first step in the marijuana industry?’

A great way to gain experience, knowledge and interact with fellow herbalists would be applying for a budtending job at a cannabis dispensary. Budtenders are product specialists - they can tell you everything you need to know about any product within the dispensary. It is important as a budtender to be filled with passion about the cannabis plant. The passion you hold reflects in potential sales and the interactions between customers.

Prior to applying for a job as a budtender, you want to be sure that you are as qualified as possible. In order to work in a dispensary, owners are looking for knowledgeable individuals are ready to provide recommendations and know the basics behind cannabinoids, strain genentics, consumption methods, nature and history of the plant, weight conversions and more. It may sound like a lot, but these things can be learned through extensive research or through training courses. Another way to learn may be through a receptionist position at a dispensary, where you can work your way up to being a budtender.

Budtender’s are generally very personable as well. In this position, you will be interacting with many customers throughout your shift and it is ideal to inquire about the needs of your customers. In order to best serve their customers, budtender’s take some time getting to know the ailments and conditions of those who visit their dispensary in order to provide the best product recommendation. You can make the experience of trying a new product or treating an unfamiliar condition more relatable by offering a short story about how you experienced a product. Retail experience is also a plus for those looking to become a budtender as it will be beneficial to know how to use a cash register and make sales prior to working with marijuana.

To be as best prepared as you can, look into budtending training programs. I’m sure you think you know almost everything there is to know about marijuana but I can assure you, you’re wrong. Budtender’s need training, which you will definitely receive before a dispensary puts you on the floor. However, investing in classes to educate yourself will only better prepare you and increase your knowledge about the plant you love so much.

Budtender’s are the first, and sometimes only, person that a dispensary customer interacts with during their visit. It is very important as a budtender to be an addition to the dispensary’s ‘high’ level of customer/patient service (pun intended). Etiquette and behavior within a dispensary is extremely important, as marijuana businesses are under an extreme compliance microscope. People who work in a dispensary need to be fully aware of the state laws and abide by them at all times to avoid putting the dispensary at risk of legal ramifications.

As a budtender in the ever-evolving cannabis industry, it’s important to stay on top of industry trends. Familiarize yourself with the top cannabis brands/companies, have an understanding why people are vaping rather than smoking or eating their cannabis. Understanding industry trends can help you sway customers towards trying new products, buying top shelf, or expanding their cannabis palette. Keeping up with marijuana trends is easy to do through social media and research on blog’s like ours.

As per ArcView Market Research, the legal cannabis industry will create over 400,000 jobs between 2017 and 2021, and budtending will be one of those positions in high demand. In states where marijuana is already legal, there is an influx of job offerings for budtenders - and the competition is high (again, pun intended)! The average budtending position has a salary range between $31,200 to $42,000 a year.


Wanna Be A Budtender?