2 Chainz Debates Marijuana With Nancy Grace

Infamous rapper 2 Chainz, who was been known to rap about smoking weed in some of his hit songs, sat down for a debate with the most well known anti-cannabis news reporter, Nancy Grace. The rap artist displayed an immense level of intelligence that his fans may not be aware he possesses. To every statement made by Nancy Grace, the 4.0 college graduate retaliated with professionalism and factual knowledge about marijuana. 

Nancy Grace continuously focuses on the irresponsible parents in the cannabis community that force their children to smoke and document it on camera.  Obviously with every privilege comes abusers and Nancy Grace has expressed a strong stigma against cannabis, constantly speaking of it as a detrimental drug to society. While many may not agree with the portrayal of marijuana in the entertainment industry, 2 Chainz explained that the idiots who use cannabis irresponsibly have other issues. 

Watch a clip of the interview below: