Bobby Shmurda Arrested Again

While sitting in a car outside of a recording studio in New York City, NYPD officers arrested Bobby Shmurda during a sting involving multiple shootings and drug trafficking.  Shmurda has been under watch by authorities.

According to police reports, authorities found 262 grams (approx. $52,000 worth) of crack, a pound of marijuana , $40 000 in cash, three handguns and one AR-15 rifle at Quad studios on Seventh Avenue.  If Shmurda is found guilty, he will face a mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison with a maximum punishment of life in prison.

Back in October, the rapper was arrested after he was caught smoking a joint with some friends, double parked on a Brooklyn street.  Before that, Shmurda was also arrested for possession of a weapon.