Bernie Sanders Wants To Legalize!

Last week at a Democratic primary debate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders became the first presidential candidate that is in favor of legalizing marijuana.  The senator from Vermont appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to discuss his candidacy as well as his views on cannabis.

Kimmel gives Sanders an idea that may save the the U.S. Postal Service from budget crisis they've been experiencing over the past few years. “Would you be open to the idea…maybe have postal carriers deliver marijuana to people?” Kimmel asked.  Sanders' response was quick and pretty smart.  “That’ll get rid of the federal deficit pretty quickly, won’t it?”

Although his statement is clearly a joke, it might only be that way for a while longer.  As states continue to legalize and the federal government continues to feel the pressure to legalize as well, delivering cannabis through the USPS may not be such a bad idea.  

As for legalization, Sanders is still looking closely at Colorado and other states and how they enact their laws.  “I am not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana,” he said.