Bill Nye Buys Weed

Bill Nye the Science Guy! If you didn't just sing that to yourself, then we don't know what's wrong with you. Everyone's favorite scientist is (finally) delving into the scientific research of cannabis in the second season of his Netflix original series, Bill Nye Saves The World.


The show which zeroes in on scientific issues that could affect our day to day lives such as overpopulation, gender and climate change. However, the episode our herbalist followers will most be interested in is the one where he goes into a dispensary and buys marijuana "in the name of science." The second season starts off with Bill looking into the pros and cons of medical marijuana. “Cannabis, as a whole, appears to alleviate pain,” he says in the season two trailer.

While inside a Hollywood dispensary, he awkwardly tells the budtender, "I would like to buy some marijuana. This is for science." Bill spoke with CNET, admitting he did not smoke any of the weed during the episode but used it for an experiment in which he played ultimate frisbee with others who were under the influence.

While he confessed he wasn't fond of the smell, he also recognizes marijuana's medical affects. “There is a very strong argument that keeping it as a Schedule I drug, is not based on any science,” Nye explained. “Schedule I means that it’s presumed to be addicting and it’s presumed to have no medical value. But people use marijuana and marijuana extracts for all sorts of medical applications. So you got to think there’s something to it.”

Bill Ny Saves The World premiers on December 29. Watch the trailer below.