Denver Broncos Receiver Arrested For Cannabis Possession


The Denver Broncos receiver, Carlos Henderson is making headlines this week for being arrested for possession of marijuana on January 15. Henderson is the first NFL player from the Broncos to be arrested for weed in 17 years!

Ironically, there hasn't been any Broncos teammates that have been arrested for marijuana in the first state to legalize it recreationally in almost two decades. However, Henderson was riding shotgun in a GMC Yukon with a friend of his when the two were pulled over. The two were pulled over for going 84 in a 65 mph zone when the arresting officer claimed to have smelt a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. 

The first affadavit claims that neither Henderson or his friend, Alejandra Aviles-Jimenez, had any marijuana in their possession or recently smoked. However, after the officer searched the vehicle, he claimed to have found small amounts of what is suspected to be raw marijuana, a water bottle with a cigar in it and a green coating on Henderson's tongue.

TMZ says that Henderson admitted to police that he had smoked earlier in the day however, he insisted that he did not try to eat the weed in his possession before or during the stop. They claim that the cops assume Henderson ate the weed, which is why his tongue was green. 

The NFL released a statement regarding Henderson's arrest: "We are aware of the issue regarding Carlos Henderson and are gathering more information."