Cassidy Arrested For Marijuana Possession


Rapper Cassidy is no stranger to trouble with the law - as of late, he's been quite the stranger to music, if anything. 

Cassidy was arrested on Sunday in Jersey City outside of his home. At about 4:10 p.m., officers approached a vehicle where they found Cassidy in a reclined driver's seat with a female, Shanay Reese, sitting in the passenger seat. Upon their approach, officers say he sat up and began reaching under his seat.  Out of fear that he had a weapon, Cassidy was ordered to stop moving, but he ignored the cops commands.

After opening the door, the report states that a strong odor of raw marijuana came from the car.  Officers claimed to have seen marijuana and a joint on the center console when removing Cassidy from the car.  Reese, who accompanied him, became irate, saying, "this is my car and my house. I'm not doing anything wrong." In explanation about the joint, she claimed, "but it's not lit."

Officers also found grinder in the van and a bag of suspected marijuana under the seat where Cassidy was reaching.

Both were charged with possession of marijuana, while Cassidy received an additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. Reese was charged on a summons and released.  Cassidy appeared in court on Monday when Judge Margaret Marley remanded the charges to Jersey City Municipal Court. He is scheduled to reappear in court on Dec. 4.