Cheech & Chong On Legalization

Every herbalist's favorite duo, Cheech and Chong, visited the Stephen Colbert show via satellite.  After Colbert shared news about GOP House Speaker, John Boehner doing a complete 180 regarding his views on cannabis, Colbert had some questions for the most infamous stoner's around.

As legalization began sweeping the country, we heard from those who were for it and envied those who spoke out against it. As a republican, Boehner had a strong opinion that was ‘unalterably opposed’ to the decriminalization of the plant but has since been appointed to the board of directors at Acreage Holdings, a multi-state cannabis business fighting for lesser marijuana restrictions.

It was this news that Colbert had to question Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong about. “Actually Stephen," Marin said, "we think this news sucks. I mean, pot used to be rebellious.” 

“Yeah, now crusty old Republicans like John Boehner are into it,” Chong added.”Pots over, man.”

When asked about if they were happy about legalization, Marin said, "No way man! It’s boring. The last time I bought weed it was in a store in a strip mall.” Marin said he's used to buying his cannabis BEHIND the strip mall.

The two went on to announced that they will not be giving up on comedy however, they will be steering away from weed-humor, and on to “edgier stuff" like unpasteurized dairy products and burning leaves without a permit. Y'know, things like that.

Ok, if you're not familiar with Cheech and Chong satire, then we will confess that this is clearly a joke. If there are any two people happy about the increasing legality of marijuana, it’s Cheech and Chong. Check out the video below: