Cheech Marin Helps Californians Register

Celebrity herbalist, Cheech Marin, has always been an avid cannabis user.  Now, instead of seeing his face on the big screen, making you laugh hysterically with pot humor, the 71 year old actor is starring in a PSA on Cannabizfile.


As the Golden State prepares to legalize recreationally in a few weeks, Cheech has partnered with California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, to encourage Californians to register their new businesses from the convenience of their own home. “The first step is always right here in the Secretary of State’s Office,” Padilla says in the PSA video about registering marijuana businesses. For majority of the one minute long video, Marin sits behind a computer with his face being blocked by the screen.  He is asked questions about the steps of registering by a woman who is surprised to find out that the man she's speaking with is the infamous Cheech Marin. Those familiar with Marin's distinct voice may not be as surprised when he reveals his face.

Marin was glad to be apart of the PSA, joking, “It knocks off a few hours of the community service I have to do.” Aside from being an advocate for cannabis and promoter of proper registration, Cheech is also owns a canna-business called Cheech’s Private Stash, which sells his own “curated” strains of cannabis.

However, not everyone was thrilled to see the Cheech & Chong star promoting cannabis business registration.  “It’s kind of interesting that with us trying to be a little bit more legitimate in the industry that they’re kind of going back to making it a little more comical by using Cheech Marin in the video,” said Shayna Schonauer, MMJ retail manager. She told KCRA news, “We’ve worked really hard to kind of pull ourselves away from that to show that we are a legitimate business. And that we’re not just your stereotypical stoners.”