Clifford Robinson In The Marijuana Industry

Clifford Robinson, former Portland Trail Blazer, is now going by a new name.  "Uncle Spliffy" is now interested in becoming involved in the marijuana industry.  He recently told the Portland Business Journal that his mission is, "to distill the stigma around cannabis, the misperception that athletes and cannabis are incompatible."

Robinson is advocating for marijuana, stating, "Cannabis is definitely a more positive alternative to pharmaceuticals at the end of the day.  Those are synthetics.  I'm talking about something that's natural that can bring the outcomes you're looking for, be it for muscle tension or relaxation or preparedness.  There are a whole lot of different things that are beneficial."  While many herbalist may agree with "Uncle Spliffy," a 2012 study conducted by the journal Pain concluded that marijuana is not so much of a painkiller as it is a pain distractor.

The federal illegality of cannabis prohibits researchers from conducting the necessary research to prove statements like Robinson's to be true.  As for the former NBA player, he intends on establishing a brand playing off of his nickname "Uncle Cliffy."