Detroit Lions Player Busted With Marijuana

Detroit Lions coach, Jim Caldwell, sent home one of his players from London after finding him with weed.  The team stayed at a hotel in downtown London near Hyde Park.  A disconnected fire alarm was found which alerted the hotel security staff members which caused them to check the room where the defensive tackle teammates stayed.

The Lions suspended C.J. Mosley after finding him in possession of marijuana.  It has not yet been clarified if the suspension means two games or two weeks.  There is still a question about whether the team can dock him two weeks' pay unless they can cite another incident.  "I think the statement stands on its own," Jim Caldwell stated. "If you take a look at it, read through it and kind of glean from it what you'd like. But we said two weeks and in two weeks, he'll return."

Mosley should be eligible to return the day before Detroit's game against the Miami Dolphins.