Hillary Clinton's Take On Weed

On June 17th, 2014, Hillary Clinton was interviewed in the Newseum in Washington D.C.  The crowd laughed as the interviewer asked, "Hillary, what is your outlook on recreational and medical marijuana?  How does it make you feel that states are legalizing pot for both uses?"

Democrat Clinton responded partially advocating medical marijuana.  She realizes that although there are many people who use marijuana medicinally and it is beneficial to their health but she doesn't think enough research has been done.  She stated, "But I do think we need more research because we don’t know how it interacts with other drugs. There’s a lot we don’t know.”

In regards to recreational use, Hillary Clinton needs to see the evidence yet she doesn't want to try it for herself.  "No, I didn't do it when I was young, I'm not going to start now."