Kanye West Flips Out On Wiz Over Weed


Kanye West went on a rare Twitter rant on Wednesday. The self proclaimed "Hip Hop OG" had some choice words for well known artist and herbalist, Wiz Khalifa, who objected to West's future album, titled Waves.   

Khalifa, who is known to idolize rap artist, Max B, opposes the recent Kanye West album name change. Once entitled Swish,  Kanye decided to change the name of his album to the phrase coined by Max B. Kanye, who rarely ever uses his Twitter account, used this opportunity to speak on Wiz, his music and his personal life. 

Amongst many comments about the quality of his songs and the son he had with Amber Rose, Kanye slammed Wiz for having the initials "KK" tatted on his body. West, who is not an avid smoker like Wiz, assumed the tattoo was for his wife, Kim Kardashian.  In hindsight, the comment makes absolutely no sense because Wiz has no connection to the Kardashian clan at all. Wiz responded with the true meaning of his "KK" tattoo, stating, "KK is weed, fool."


Kanye acknowledged Wiz's response yet still stood by his other tweets. In conclusion, Kanye returned to his "creative process" by saying he loves Wiz and all of his fellow make rappers.