Kevin Hart, Ice Cube & Conan: Weed Adventure

Kevin rides shot gun with Conan driving, as Ice Cube and Diana Cheng, Conan staffer, ride in the backseat. Where do they go? To a dispensary, of course! 

Ok, maybe you wouldn't have guessed that, but their trip was hilarious - as to be expected.  Conan decides to buy a piñata (for what reason, we don't know) and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart come up with the genius idea to fill it with weed.  Conan also purchases "two kilos of sour patch kids."

The group then decides to leave the dispensary, with their piñata of cannabis and other purchases.  Conan claims to be riding around, breaking laws with an "insane amount of smoke" in the car.  Telling Kevin they're going to jail, ensuring that he's enjoyed his life and career. They then run a red light and end up sitting in a crosswalk, across from a police officer on a bicycle. Kevin tries to talk his way out of it, which seems to have worked unless the cop was just star struck. Afterwards, they all head to Popeye's for some munchies.

Check out the hilarious video below: