Kim Kardashian Releases Kimoji Papers & Lighters

Everyone is trying to cash in on the marijuana industry. Even Kim Kardashian, who's claim to fame we need not mention, now has a line of rolling papers and lighters.

The celebrity who's most known for being in the fashion industry is now trying to capitalize off of everyone who could possibly idolize her in some sort of way. So for you female herbalists that look up to the Kardashian clan, we predict that you would be the only ones buying Kim's papers.


Being that none of the Kardashian's have any involvement with cannabis, we assume her papers are of lesser quality.  The rolling papers are available in one size only and cost wayyyyyyy too much. $12 for a pack of tie-dye papers!? She's lost her mind. Oh but wait, there's more! The lighters are just as expensive! $12 for a regular BIC lighter that has Kim's crying face or the word "LIT" on it. 

And let's not forget about when Kendall Jenner discovered a dime bag. She thought it was the "cutest little ziploc bag ever." Yeah, well Kim's trying to get her middle finger through out the black market of marijuana, selling ONE bag for $20!!

Seriously, wtf is wrong with the Kardashian's? Their stores and clothing lines, which are advertised to suit the everyday woman, are overpriced and now, Kim finds it acceptable to dip her fingers covered in diamonds into the cannabis industry. 

How do you feel about Kimoji going cannabis?