Lil Twist Beats DUI After Driving High

Rapper Lil Twist of YMCMB was arrested last year for driving under the influence.  After driving 69 in a 30 mph zone, running numerous red lights and being found with a lit blunt in his center console, Twist admitted to being high and proceeded to fail a sobriety test.  

The rapper couldn't walk a straight line or stand on one leg, had red eyes and was supposedly "deliberate and lethargic."  However, the DA rejected the case because his sobriety test results were "moderately bad!"  Also, the cops waited 46 minutes to take a blood sample from him, making the weed in his system not high enough to prove impairment.  And, the senior criminologist couldn't argue on the stand that he was too impaired to drive.

End result:  Twist gets 3 tickets - possession of less than 1 oz. of marijuana, speeding, failing to stop at a red light.