'Love & Hip Hop' Star Arrested

A reality star on the upcoming season of 'Love & Hip Hop' has been arrested for marijuana drug trafficking. Will Cortez Robinson, a.k.a Scrapp Deleon, will be making his debut appearance on the fifth season of the VH1 but has found himself in some trouble cops in Georgia.  


Robinson is currently incarcerated in Taliaferro County, Georgia. He was found guilty of marijuana trafficking back in January 2016. Court documents say, "The defendant is sentenced to a total of 20 years, with the first 5 years to be served in confinement and the remainder to be served on probation." 

Details of the arrest are still unknown, however, it is being said that Robinson and his affiliates were in possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana. In addition to getting locked up, Scrap is also being fined $100,000.  In total, he was charged $175,100 and after his release, he will be responsible for paying a $32 per month probation fee.