Martha Stewart Shocked To Hear Oprah Smokes

Martha Stewart is friends with many herbalists, including Snoop Dogg, and we honestly wouldn't be surprised if she participated in a sesh or two. However, when TMZ caught up with Stewart earlier this week, she was shocked to find out that another celeb dabbles in cannabis every now and then.

For some reason, the TMZ photographer decided to share with Stewart that Oprah smokes cannabis. Martha was pretty much stopped in her tracks in disbelief. As she walked out of ABC studios in NYC, she jokingly told reporters, "[it's] the end of Oprah."

Judging by her answer, we assume Stewart is keeping her cannabis use under wraps. She then confessed to spending one on one time with Snoop, allowing him to do the smoking while she does the baking. However, we know that 'baking' can be used in different contexts.