Melissa Etheridge Pleads Guilty To Marijuana Possession

If it wasn't for Melissa Etheridge's celebrity status and California MMJ card, the singer/marijuana advocate could be in hot water.  After attempting to cross over from Canada into North Dakota back in August, Etheridge's tour bus was stopped and searched by a drug-sniffing dog.  The K-9 helped authorities discover joints, hash oil and cannabis infused topicals on the singer's tour bus.

Unfortunately for her, Etheridge was confronted in a state with some of the harshest laws against cannabis.  If found guilty of possession of under an ounce, the misdemeanor charge comes with a maximum of 30 days in jail and a $1,500 fine. Over an ounce is a felony with a five-year sentence and a $10,000 fine.


The two time Grammy award winning artist confessed the drugs were hers for medical use and was then arrested for possession of marijuana while passing through an international border.  Her lawyer submitted the plea for Etheridge on Tuesday. Court’s orders state that she is to pay a fine of $750 and serve a one month period of unsupervised probation.

Etheridge has been a long time cannabis user.  She began speaking out about her medical marijuana use after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.  As a cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridge proudly admits to still using cannabis to help with her acid reflux and to keep her calm in stressful situations. 

North Dakota recently voted to legalize medical marijuana use for a few severe conditions.  Dispensaries are expected to open in 2018