MTV's Mary + Jane

And so it begins..

While Weeds may be the groundbreaking series that put marijuana on mainstream television, there hasn't been a show like it since 2005.  Herbalists have been looking forward to a relatable TV show that puts a storyline to the life of a marijuana smoker.  The release of MTV's series, Mary + Jane, had us all eagerly anticipated if not because of the weed, but because we thought Snoop Dogg may have had some affiliation with the show because of his theme song.

Unfortunately for us, we did not find the show as pleasurable as we would have liked, at least not the first episode.  The show follows around two young white girls in California trying to make a name for themselves as respectable and reputable weed dealers.  Marijuana is frequently present, almost as much as their promiscuous comments.

The beginning of the show focuses on the girls trying to find a way to appropriately (but not so discreetly) advertise their services.  They seem to be connoisseurs of a sort, with their eye on the prize of making it in the booming marijuana industry.

While the show didn't seem to catch and keep our attention, we will give it another shot in hopes that it will pick up with more drama and interest.  What do you think about Mary + Jane?