NFL Player Arrested For Smoking And Driving

Jacksonville Jaguars star wideout, Justin Blackmon, is already facing a season long ban from the NFL.  Blackmon seemed to be having a seemingly trouble-free offseason until he was caught smoking a blunt and driving on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.  

Oklahoma Edmond police pulled over the NFL player on Wednesday evening for a traffic violation.  At the time, Blackmon did not have his drivers license on him and when asked to step out of his vehicle, he admitted to having marijuana in the car.  He confessed to smoking a blunt while driving, the reason why his car reeked of marijuana.  Officers searched his vehicle and found another one rolled up in a box of Swisher Sweets and 3 more grams.  Police report states that Blackmon was pulled over for swerving in and out of traffic.

Blackmon was released on $657 bail and received two charges: possession of marijuana and improper passing on the left.  If his career wasn't threatened before, it sure is now!