Nick Jonas Admits To Eating THC Lollipop

During his visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Nick Jonas admitted to once eating a cannabis infused lollipop.  The former Jonas Brothers band member recalled his experience eating an edible with Fallon.

He remembers back in 2014 at the Young Hollywood Awards that he was unable to function due to the effects of a THC lollipop.  "I've never told this story, for good reason probably," he started.  He said he ate the lollipop given to him by a friend and started to not feel so feel soon after.  He recalls everything moving in slow motion and he said, "I'm hearing these voices [in the shower].  It's horrible, so I call down to my girlfriend who's in the kitchen. 'Babe, I need some bread, I need some coffee.  Something!'"

Still having to attend the Young Hollywood Awards, he then admits to suffering from a NARB.  "A NARB is a no apparent reason boner."  Then, Fallon shows photos of the young singer holding his hands in front of his crotch on the red carpet.  He then proceeded to present an award in a "strange manner," walking off stage afterwards and asking his manager, "Do you think anybody knew?"