Nick Lachey To Invest In Ohio Grow Center

ResponsibleOhio is making efforts towards the Nov. 3 ballot that would legalize marijuana for medical and personal use by adults 21 years or older.  Former 98° boy band member, Nick Lachey, is among five investors in Hudson Marijuana Center, one of ten facilities set to be established in Ohio.  The singer turned actor is hoping to become involved in one of the state's cannabis facilities as they anticipate legalizing marijuana medically and recreationally.

The group, ResponsibleOhio, estimates the initiative would generate about $21.5 million in annual tax revenue for Summit County and its townships and municipalities.  The issue also would create about 1,100 retailers that will sell marijuana products.  Issue supporters signed a ceremonial agreement during the news conference, pledging that these jobs would pay an average of $25 an hour, would include health benefits and also allow future employees to belong to a union.