Oscar's Suing Marketing Company

Last week, the Oscar's invaded Hollywood for their annual Academy Awards Show Ceremony.  Traditionally, the show awards celebrities for their outstanding work for in some of the country's most popular big screen debuts.  Those who don't happen to be so lucky to win an award also receive "swag bags" as a consolation prize.  A Los Angeles based marketing firm is unfortunately being sued by the Oscar's for including vape pens in the "swag bags" for the second year.

Distinctive Assets was responsible for coordinating the Oscar themed bags for the celebrities however, they have no connection with the Academy Awards.  Oscar swag bags have been consolation prizes for presenters and nominees and usually included things such as expensive jewelry, luxury gadgets, first class vacations, and other high-end products.  This year's bag included things like a $250 sex toy, $5,500 in plastic surgery gift certificates, a $1,900 “vampire breast lift” and a $250 Haze Dual V3 portable vaporizer and more.  The total value is around $200,000.

Since the swag bag has such high value, each recipient will be taxed by the IRS. However, with the Oscars having controversy this year with #OscarsSoWhite hashtag before and even after the show, the Academy is unhappy that the marketing of the bags without a disclaimer infringes on its trademarks.