PnB Rock Vandalizes Hotel After Caught Smoking

Herbalists, PLEASE, whatever you do.. DO NOT BE PnB Rock!

Lets face it, as herbalists, we want the right and privilege to smoke whenever and wherever we want. Especially if we are in the privacy of our home or even in a room that we paid for in a hotel. But, just like cigarettes, there has to be some etiquette when it comes to smoking.

More and more these days, we are seeing a lot of establishments become smoke-free. Most have designated smoking areas, but hotels usually do not allow their guests to smoke in their rooms. And we're all familiar with the $250 or more cleaning fee if caught smoking in a hotel room.

Well, PnB Rock must have thought he was exempt from the rules or maybe he thought that he wouldn't get caught. OR maybe he thought that the hotel would turn a blind eye because of who he is. Regardless, the Selfish singer was kicked out of a hotel just like any other smoker would have been and he didn't take such a liking to it.

Before he and his crew left the room, PnB Rock decided to record his last few activities (which we don't think was too smart but hey, to each his own.) Check out the video below and PLEASE, don't be this guy!