Randy Gregory Fails 7th Drug Test

THIS is the reason why cannabis use needs to be accepted in the NFL...

Ok, maybe not the reason, but it's one of them!  Marijuana is the least harmful drug out there at yet, Randy Gregory is in the spotlight for being on suspension with the NFL Dallas Cowboy's. This is not Gregory's first go around at being drug tested - it's his SEVENTH.  Now, the would be third year defensive end is risking being able to make a comeback in the league.

Gregory has gone through three suspensions so far for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. The NFL and NFLPA have become more lenient in regards to the standards for marijuana violators however, Gregory has "blown off" the NFL officials’ attempted discussions about this problem.  Now, the word is that the next suspension will be Gregory's last which will result in an indefinite ban from the NFL.  He would be added to the list of banned players along with Josh Gordon, Daryl Washington, Justin Blackmon and Martavis Bryant.  

After three years in the league, Gregory can only attest to playing two games since his rookie 2015 season.