Seattle Seahawks RB Used Synthetic Weed

Seattle Seahawks running back, Derrick Coleman, was involved in a hit and run accident back in October 2015. Police have recently discovered that Coleman had used synthetic marijuana less than an hour before he crashed into another vehicle, resulting in the driver breaking his collar bone. Washington state authorities are now pushing towards making Coleman face felony charges for the accident.  


Traveling at 60 mph in a 35, Coleman struck a Honda Civic in his truck. According to Bellevue Police, the running back kept his foot on the accelerator for several seconds after the impact, pushing the Civic off of the road and flipping it onto a hill. 

Witnesses claimed that Coleman, 25, seemed "delirious" and "incoherent," yet he fled the scene barefooted before cops arrived. He later confessed to police that he had smoked "Spice" and a search of his vehicle resulted in the discovery of a lighter, a glass pipe with “tarry residue” and “an opened bag of Synthetic Cannabinoid labeled ‘F’ed Up.'