Seth Rogen Calls Howard Stern While "A Little High"

Seth Rogen called into The Howard Stern Show on Monday to promote his new movie, Steve Jobs.  The comical actor plays Steve Wozniak in the film however, his upcoming movie was not the only topic of conversation.

Stern opens his interview with Rogen, who was just about to appear on Live with Kelly and Michael, with a very "blunt" question (pun intended)

"Just tell me something—and be honest because you always are: Are you high right now?"  Rogen responded, "Yeah, a little bit."  Stern explained how amazed he is that Rogen is able to go on live television while high and Rogen confessed, "I can just do it. I don't know if that's considered a superpower or what."

Rogen then continued to tell Stern that his definition of "a little high," is, "I have this little one-hitter contraption, so I used that."