Snoop Was Cameron Diaz's High School Dealer

Snoop Dogg has been an herbalist since his early years. Having connections with various celebrities before they made it big, you might be surprised to find out that not only did Cameron Diaz and Snoop go to the same high school; he was also her "weed dealer."  


The rapper/herbalist/ganjaprenuer has an extensive history with cannabis. Cameron Diaz had a few things to say about Snoop when she appeared on Lopez Tonight years ago. Diaz admitted to attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School with Snoop, recalling, “...he was very tall and skinny and wore lots of ponytails. And I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him.”

Soon after, Snoop appeared on George Lopez's late night talk show, where Lopez referred to his interview with Diaz. Snoop responded,  “I might have sold her some of that white girl weed... Sticks and stems and seeds."