Snoop Never Tried Sexual THC Products

Last week, everyone's favorite herbalist sat down with Conan on his late night talk show.  Snoop Dogg is known to be one of the most "experienced" marijuana smokers of our time.  However, Conan happened to find the one marijuana related product that the infamous herbalist has yet to have tried.

Conan says to Snoop, "Last week we had a sex expert on the show, and I'm not kidding, she had a spray that had THC in it and a woman is supposed to spray it on her nether regions to increase pleasure and she said it's becoming a big thing."

One may think that Snoop, of all people, might have dabbled in some THC sex related products - being that he's such a big fan of Mary Jane.  Surprisingly, he responded, "No sexual, medical marijuana tricks.  None of that I have tried."  Although he hasn't actually tried them for himself, he did say he's heard good things about cannabis lubes and he's not opposed to trying it.