Snoop & Curren$y's Favorite Strains

Herbalist Snoop Dogg sits down with Curren$y on his internet show GGN News and discusses some of his favorite buds.  Someone of Snoop's caliber is expected to have access to marijuana strains before the rest of the cannabis community.  Take a look at some of the strains he and Curren$y named as their favorites.  Some we could describe to you.  Others, we couldn't find any info on because they're that rare!  Be on the look out for some of these potent strains:

  • Diamond OG - an indica known to induce a full-body high relaxation and releases muscle tension before intense lazy feeling.  Sparkly, condensed nugs with a potent and distinct aroma.
  • Saints 
  • Private Reserve OG
  • Avengers
  • Walter's OG
  • Mars OG - an indica strain that starts off being grown indoors, then moved outdoors.  Mars OG gives you a strong body buzz, is excellent in relieving pain and will help ease you to sleep.  
  • Blue Ivy
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Herojuana - a spicy yet earthy indica that gives you an intense body numbing high and numbs your pain.  
  • Girl Scout Cookies