Snoop Dogg Creates Marijuana Fund

If you've heard the name Snoop Dogg, somehow, someway, you probably associate the name with smoking weed.  The infamous rapper has made a name for himself by marking smash hits and getting super high.  Now, Snoop is launching a fund to raise $25 million for marijuana tech-related companies.

The kinks are still being worked out as Snoop's agency tries to figure out which companies the fund will target and how much money will be allocated per investment.  Snoop Dogg dove into the investment industry last year when he invested in Reddit and a stock trading website called Robinhood.  Investing in the marijuana industry is a smart move nowadays.  The cannabis industry has been receiving generous amounts of start up money for companies in states that have legalized marijuana.  With many states throughout the nation considering legalizing as well, the cannabis industry has been booming and slowly but surely becoming more accepted.

Keep an ear out for more news regarding the Snoop Dogg Marijuana Fund!