Snoop Dogg Says Companies Should Endorse Weed

Snoop Dogg has made a name for himself by making hit rap songs and being the ultimate, most well-known herbalist of our time.  He is no stranger to dealing with the law when it comes to getting high; let's face it, he wasn't always carelessly smoking up to 81 blunts a day.  Snoop sat on a panel at CES in Las Vegas and was questioned about his career and cannabis.

When asked about if and how brands should respond to the rapid growth and progression of marijuana, Snoop basically said that companies need to accept it and use it to their advantage.  "Definitely," he said, "the brands are going to have to step in and do what they do."  Looks like Snoop would rather see major corporations endorsing the cannabis community rather than ignoring or shunning it.

We agree with Snoop that it would be monumental for not only cannabis but other brands as well.  By companies showing their support for legalization or decriminalization, it might open the eyes of others who are still against cannabis.  It's time for marijuana to stop being portrayed as such a negative drug and begin to be recognized for its medical and many other benefits.