Stitches Arrested On Gun & Drug Charges

Cops busted rapper, Stitches, at a Whole Foods in Miami for parking in a handicap space.


On Wednesday night, authorities spotted the rappers Porsche backing out of the parking space when they decided to stop the vehicle. After being immediately recognized due to prior arrests, Stitches was asked if he had a gun on him. His reply was "no" but he did proceed to pass a slightly burned joint to one of the officers. 

Cops searched the vehicle and found a Glovk under his seat with two magazines of ammunition. Stitches then apologize profusely, claiming he didn't have the gun ON him, it was IN the car.

Also found was a jar with 39.2 grams of marijuana and one oxycodone pill but a prescription could not be produced at the scene. Stitches was arrested for felony gun and weed possession.