Susan Sarandon Wants To Sesh

She may be a two years too late but, Susan Sarandon, 5-time Academy Award nominee and outspoken marijuana advocate, recently discovered that Action Bronson "shouted her out" in his verse on A$AP Rocky's 2013 hit, "1 train."  For those who are unfamiliar, Action Bronson said, "You see us scramblin’, sellin Susan Sarandon, the cloud of smoke like the Phantom."

After her late discovery of her name in a popular Hip Hop record, the actress thanked both Action and A$AP for the shout out, also explaining she was unsure what the comment meant and would like to burn one while she learned from them the true meaning of the line.  Action Bronson almost immediately responded, "THELMA AND LOUISE!!!!!" referring to her 1991 classic film.

Be on the lookout for a possible cypher between the two, and maybe with A$AP included as well!