Teen Mom Star Experiencing "Marijuana Withdrawl"

If you've followed the disfunctional lives of the reality TV stars of the MTV series 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, then you might be familiar with Janelle Evans.

The now 24 year old first appeared on 16 and Pregnant when she was carrying her first son, Jace, and continued her story on following seasons of Teen Mom. During her time on the show, she exposed her troubled relationships with her mother and boyfriends as well as her circumstances with drugs, court and probation. After admitting to spending $2,800 a week on her heroin habit, Evans has since been in good health until as of lately. 


"I thought I was getting sick at first with a pretty bad cold or flu because I was getting night sweats," she told The Doctors when she appeared on an episode of the talk show. "I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, my legs will be throbbing like someone is hammering my knee caps. Everything kept building up and building up and I was like, 'I need to get help.'"

The Doctors conducted a physical exam as well as a blood test and  concluded that the now mother of two is experiencing majority of her symptoms as a result of her taking a new birth control called Junel. She may also be feeling anxiety because she is not smoking marijuana as well. 

Janelle claims to have smoked marijuana for 'years and years' but quit in December. "The reason why I stopped is I’m taking my own mother to court to get custody of my son back," she said. 


"The simplest thing to do is to stop the pill. And when you stop the pill you’ll let the levels come back to normal," said Dr. Weiss. Dr. Stork recommended she see a counselor to help clear her head, also saying that a clinic in her hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina has offered to provide her with six months of free weekly counselling sessions.