Tommy Chong Creating Marijuana Strain

All of the celebrity herbalists are doing it - the popular new thing is to create your own strain of marijuana.  Wiz Khalifa has his "Khalifa Kush" (KK), Berner has "Berner's Pie," and Tommy Chong is in the works of creating "Chong Star."  

The famous herbalist duo, Cheech and Chong, have risen to fame with their 70's stoner films.  Since then, Chong has taken up a variety of different opportunities to stay in the media.  Along with creating his own strain, he is also working on a line called Reviver Clothing Swipes, which will remove the scent of marijuana from your clothes.  He said, "My wife, she hates it when I smoke up before we're going out somewhere, [saying] 'Oh you reek.' So this saves a lot of arguments in the car."