Tommy Chong's New Ad For Chong Swipes

Everyone's favorite herbalist, Tommy Chong, decided to make fun of the popular Lincoln car commercials starring Matthew McConaughey while simultaneously advertising his product, Chong Swipes.  The well known cannabis idol impersonated the actor's laid back demeanor perfectly by adding a little stoner humor.  

While driving, Chong looks as if he is coming down from being high and needs to take a nap.  He nods off at the wheel, which isn't idealistic and is why we do not recommend smoking and driving.  He then realizes that he smells like marijuana and if he was to encounter police, that the smell alone could get him in trouble.  He then pulls out his Chong Swipes, which rids the smell of cannabis, and all of his problems are solved.

While using a Chong Swipe won't necessarily wake you up or solve problems other than getting rid of the smell of smoke, the commercial is comical and most likely accepted in the cannabis community.  Who doesn't like Tommy Chong?