Warriors Support MMJ In The NBA

Steve Kerr, coach for the Golden State Warriors, has been a supporter of two of his team players using cannabis as medicine for their pain relief complications from back surgery.  Recently, both Draymond Green and Klay Thompson told ESPN that they support Kerr's decision.

"I've never been a guy who has done it, period," Green explained.  "So, I can't say that I know much about it, but from what I hear, whether it's football guys... I think a lot of them do it because of all the pain that they go through."  Cannabis has become a rising topic of discussion when it comes to professional sports leagues, with many players voicing their choice to use cannabis over opioids.  Draymond continued, "When you look at something that comes from the earth, any vegetable that comes from the earth, they encourage you to eat it.  So, I guess it does make a little sense as opposed to giving someone a manufactured pill.  If something takes your pain away like some of these pills do, it can't be that good for you."

Thompson made sure he was clearly in support of medical use only.  "But not recreational use," he stated.  "That should not be of its use ever, but there's obviously a medicinal side to [marijuana] that people are finding out have benefits, especially people in really high pain."

Draymond and Klay's support comes shortly after a podcast where Kerr spoke about using cannabis as well as his concern over the amount of Vicodin prescribed to players.