Whoopi Goldberg's Medical Marijuana Brand Access

Whoopi Goldberg announced her partnership with Maya Elisabeth to create a line of marijuana products to aid women with menstrual relief. However, since the release of her genius line for ladies, many women have not been able to access it due to its unavailability in many legal states. 


“We’re talking to legislators and we’re also trying to get women to say ‘Hey, we want these products here; we want to be able to use these products,’ specifically because they’re not things that get you high,” she told ATTN. Although many women may be for a line of products made for them during their time of the month, Whoopi still notices a lack of education. She said, "I’m surprised that the period seems to be something that nobody knows anything about. As hip as marijuana growers are, there’s a lot of stuff they don’t know."

For now, Whoopi & Maya products are only available in a few collectives in California. She feels that with a stronger emphasis of descheduling cannabis as well as a larger presence of women in need of menstrual relief, the country will more in the right direction when it comes to marijuana legalization.