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Microdosing With Cannabis

To say that you, as a cannabis consumer, wouldn't choose the strain that has a higher THC percentage over the lesser would be crazy, right? Many recreational herbalists look for strains that are bound to make them feel higher but those who use cannabis for medicine may look for less THC and more CBD.

Nowadays, as research slowly progresses and the government still fears the impossible fatalities that cannabis can[NOT] bring, practitioners are using the microdosing technique in order to gauge the effects of THC and CBD. Microdosing is considered to be taking small amounts of cannabis, avoiding the psychoactive effects, to reap the medical benefits of the plant. A popular technique that has previously been used with psychedelics, but has been successful when studying cannabis amongst many patients.

When it comes to microdosing, it's hard to tell how low to start. Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT network, a nonprofit organization that uses empirical medical research to find new cannabis-related treatments for patients, stated, “Most people don’t know about microdosing. There is no magic bullet for all patients; it is different for each one. So keep experimenting until you find the dose that works for you.”

However, the key point when microdosing is to remember that you are looking to feel the medicinal effects of cannabis, not to feel high. “You are not trying to get stoned, you are not trying to get total relief from symptoms–you are just trying to get a little something," says Dustin Sulak, osteopathic physician based in Maine. "And then once you get to that dose where you feel a little something, stay there for a few days and then you can start gradually increasing if needed. And that typically falls somewhere between one and three milligrams per dose.”

Sulak also feels that when microdosing, the lower doses of cannabis can actually increase sensitivity over time. "“If you are building tolerance to THC, you are building tolerance to your body’s own cannabinoids," he says. "So having a highly sensitive endocannabinoid system is extremely valuable for responding to illness, injury, and stress, and people can achieve that with low doses of cannabis.”

There are different ways to microdose. Smoking cannabis is the hardest way to microdose because the combustion of marijuana allows the least amount of control over dosage and it can manipulate the psychoactive effects. Vaping, or using a vape pen, is the safest and easiest way to microdose because you are able to measure the amount of concentrates you inhale. Edibles are also a great way to microdose because each edible is measured equally. However, it is important to keep in mind when microdosing with edibles, the high is different. Rather than feeling it right away, it gradually creeps up on you. So, if microdosing with edibles, be sure not to over do it.