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NYS: Get Your MMJ Card Online!

Sure, there are services on the internet that allow you to get your medical marijuana card without having to step foot into a doctors office. But as of late, that luxury has expanded to New York.

New Yorkers may be familiar that the state has legalized medical marijuana but has made it extremely difficult for people to access it for treatment. The conditions permitted for medical cannabis treatment are limited to HIV/AIDS, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Huntington’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, neuropathy, spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. While those suffering are qualified for MMJ, it is difficult to find a doctor in the state to recommend medical cannabis. Another hardship, medical cannabis patients are only able to access cannabis capsules, oils for vaporizing and tinctures (no flowers, concentrates or edibles).

PrestoDoctor may be able to eliminate some of the difficulties New Yorkers face when it comes to inquiring about MMJ treatment. The service is known as the go-to for medical cannabis card distribution however, they differ from others that offer the same service. Not only does PrestoDoctor provide online evaluations and recommendations but they also custom tailor treatment plans for medical marijuana patients.

Their services include a video conference-style appointment with one of their qualified and licensed doctors. Most doctors in NYS up-charge for medical marijuana evaluations however, PrestoDoctor is able to offer more affordable and accessible evaluations.

HighTimes caught up with PrestoDoctor to find out the best/easiest way to get evaluated for medical cannabis treatment. Here is a list a of steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Sign up for an account at

  2. Fill out your profile information, and click “Schedule an Appointment.”

  3. PrestoDoctor’s GPS locating technology will locate you in the state of New York and match you with a New York licensed medical doctor.

  4. Once you schedule your appointment, PrestoDoctor will prompt you to upload your state ID. Then, complete a medical questionnaire detailing your current medical conditions, goals for your future treatment and any information regarding medications you are taking.

  5. Once you complete the pre-appointment steps, it’s time to get ready for your appointment! At the time of your appointment, click the “Start Meeting” button on your account dashboard. This will connect you to your doctor through your webcam-device.

  6. After your appointment, PrestoDoctor will email you the appropriate documentation, completed by your physician, and will send detailed instructions on how to complete the New York State Registration process.

  7. Once you complete your NY State Registration, the state will mail you your medical card within 5-10 business days.

Not only does PrestoDoctor advocate for medical marijuana, the website is also dedicated to assisting with the opioid addiction that has been sweeping the country, and is also very detrimental in New York. “New York is a heavily populated area and many people within that population struggle with opioid addiction," co-founder and COO of PrestoDoctor, Robert Tankson, stated. "It is PrestoDoctor’s ultimate goal, and plan, to bring safer medical treatment options to the people of New York.” Majority of the conditions that are considered qualifying of medical marijuana treatment are traditionally prescribed opioid medications. The primary goal of PrestoDoctor is increasing accessibility, encouraging cannabis use over pharmaceuticals and educating those who are interested in it.

Kyle Powers, the company’s co-founder, has made such an impact on the industry that he was deservingly named on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare list for 2018.