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Weed Weights - How Much Is Enough For You?


If you consider yourself a veteran herbalist, we’re sure this blog is common sense to you. But for the rookies and those who need a quick reference, this blog will help you decipher weed weights. Whether you’re trying to decide how much to purchase, preparing to become a budtender, or brushing up on your knowledge, one important thing to know as an herbalist is the proper terminology and weights for buying cannabis flowers.


A dime is the smallest amount of flowers that you can purchase, if you’re still able to purchase it. Many dispensaries and even some black market dealers are shying away from selling dime bags. Generally, a dime bag costs $10 (a dime coin is 10¢, a dime bag is $10) and usually equals a half of a gram.


A dub is equivalent to $20 worth of cannabis flowers, which is usually about 1 gram. This is now the most common small amount of cannabis that you can purchase in a dispensary or on the black market. Most pre-rolled joints are filled with a gram of flowers. However, when purchasing a gram, you may be hit with a different price depending on the strain. A gram of cannabis flower can range anywhere from $20-40, considering things like THC percentage.


The term is short for eighth of an ounce, which is roughly 3.5 grams of flowers. The mid-quality, less favorable eighths can be bought for as low as $20. Top shelf quality eighths can be purchased for up to $60. The average price for an eighth nowadays is between $35-40. An eighth will allow you to roll 2-3 blunts or 4-8 joints, depending on how big or small you roll.



A quarter of an ounce is equal 7 grams, hence the name. The average price for a quarter is $60, but depending on the strain, branch, quality, or distributor, you can find quarters being sold from $40-90. Heavy smokers may go through a quarter in a day or two, whereas occasional herbalist can make this amount of flowers last for up to two weeks. This is a good amount to purchase if you don’t want to be back in the dispensary so soon. You can roll approximately 5-7 blunts with a few joints on the side.


A half ounce, aka a half or half O, weighs out to 14 grams. This would look to be about the size of a grapefruit. A half can roll you 7-14 blunts or 20+ joints, depending how you roll. For a half ounce, the average price is around $120 but you could pay as low as $100 or as high as $200.


If you put two halves together, you make a whole, right? Therefore, two half ounces equals one ounce, which equals 28 grams. (Seeing a trend here, yet?) Most dispensaries are not legally allowed to sell more that one ounce per customer at a time. An ounce is also nicknamed zip or O. With 28 grams of flowers, you can roll enough to last you two weeks to a month, always depending on how you roll.


Now we’re talking grow yielding terms! Although you can purchase a QP, which is equivalent to 4 ounces, it is not a common purchase and definitely not something that is done over the dispensary counter. A quarter pound is approximately 113.4 grams. They don’t make weed baggies this size! Do we really have to explain that a QP can roll too many blunts/joints to count?


A half pound (8 ounces) is also known as a half-pack or half-pounder. Equaling to 226.8 grams, prices vary on half pounds.


A pound is 453 grams or 16 ounces. This is enough to fill up a garbage bag! Also known as a pack or elbow, most times people come across this much flower when they are growing their own.