25 People Hospitalized After Smoking Synthetic Cannabis


New York police are on a mission to find the dealer who has been flooding Brooklyn streets with synthetic cannabis that has caused 25 people to overdose on Saturday night.

The corner of Broadway and Myrtle and those familiar with the corner have seen many people overdose and Saturday night, people watched as ambulances lined up to service the K2 overdosers. Over several hours, paramedics treated 25 overdose victims, all expected to survive.

A similar circumstance happened in 2016, when 33 people overdosed in one day. Police presence increased for a bit, but as soon as it weened off, Spice was back on the streets. People are known to smoke synthetic cannabis in broad day light on the street.

Business owners face harsh penalties for selling synthetic cannabis. Any business caught selling it faces losing its license to sell cigarettes. However, Brooklyn businesses have been getting around this by enlisting the help of "runners." These people do not officially work for the store, but have ties to the business and are able to sell the K2 in high traffic areas.

All 25 individuals that overdosed last weekend had ties to a neighborhood deli however, police have had no luck in finding the source of the drug flow.