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AAA Tries To Clarify DUI Of Marijuana

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety noticed that close to half of American drivers are confused about state laws concerning driving while impaired by marijuana.  Safety advocates have been raising their concerns about drivers that are under the influence of marijuana posing a serious threat to the safety of American road users.  Recreational use has been legalized in states such as Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia however, each state possesses different laws regarding the matter.

Peter Kissinger, President and CEO of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, explains marijuana impairment according to federal research.  "Federal government research suggests that marijuana can impair driving performance for up to 3 hours," he warned.  "Decreased car handling performance, increased reaction times and sleepiness have all been documented driver impairments that result from marijuana use."  

He also advised that different states handle impaired driving differently.  "While all states prohibit driving under the influence of drugs, there's significant variation in the minimum acceptable levels of marijuana or its traces in a driver's system.  Sixteen states forbid any presence of prohibited drugs, while five others have specific limits for marijuana. With a lack of uniformity, it's no surprise we found that more than half of American drivers are unaware of the laws that exist in their state."