Adidas Hemp Sneakers

Adidas has released a new line of hemp sneakers right before 4/20/2016. The shoe company teamed up with clothing retailer, BAIT, in order to create these new sneakers that come with a secret stash spot. 


The shoes have been named the Stan Smith Vulc “Happy." The main body of the shoe is made of hemp and designed to look as if the sneaker had been covered in marijuana nugs. Not only is the shoe made with hemp, it also has little indications that these sneakers are perfect for herbalists. The front tongue reads, “Adidas skateboarding. High-Potency, Superior Quality. Dosage: 420 MG, Take At Least Once A Day.” The top of the tag also says, "PRESCRIBED." The inside sole of the shoe has a tag reading, "May cause relaxation."

All in all, With the Stan Smith Vulc Happy, Adidas has completely redefined “high” fashion. The shoes are priced at $120 and were only available to those who entered a raffle before 4/20.