Alabama Man Arrested For Plants Found In His Home

Jackson County Sheriff's responded to a call of an attempted suicide at a home in Woodville on February 16th and discovered more than a mentally disturbed man.  

Jeffery McCormack greeted officers with a irrational behavior.  When McCormack began poking an officer in the chest, the deputy was then forced to enter the home to detain McCormack for both of their safety.  Within the encounter, officers claim to have seen marijuana drying on a tray in plain view in the kitchen, which led to a search warrant being issued for the suspect's home.  

Officers found three marijuana plants, grow equipment, chemicals and drug paraphernalia. 

McCormack was arrested and charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia, first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.  He is now in the Jackson County Jail.